The Eco-Champions are a group of pupils from across the school (Reception- Year 6) who are campaigning to promote looking after the school environment to tackle global issues on a local scale. The club has gone from strength to strength and is in its 5th year of Eco- work around Kingsbury Green Primary School!

This year, the club is running a campaign to reduce the amount of single use plastic bags, bottles and straws wasted. They are doing this because they want to make a difference and protect sea creatures and birds who are being trapped in human plastic waste.  The club also wants to receive recognition for all their hard work through two separate Awards; the Eco-Schools Green Flag Accreditation and the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree School Award. Their journey on both awards has resulted in the Eco-champions completing an environmental review and focusing on three projects around school to help the environment.

 Eco-Schools Bronze AwardEco-Schools Silver Award
Green Tree School Bronze Award Green Tree School Silver Award Green Tree School Gold Award

The first action is Marine- ensuring children across the school use reusable water bottles, and reduce the amount of plastic bags and straws wasted. They have thought about ways to reuse plastic bags and straws and have used the technique of weaving to create new objects with a purpose like fans and mats rather than throwing them away. Their second action is around waste and litter. They are encouraging children to recycle paper and put it into the correct bin which they are collecting at lunchtimes. The Eco-Champions have joined forces with the litter pickers to ensure the school grounds are kept litter free. The final action is on saving energy by ensuring lights, projectors and other electrical equipment is switched off when not in use. The Eco-Champions have been monitoring the impact of their actions and have shared their successes with the school community through newsletters, assemblies and conversations with their peers.

Eco-Board Eco words

Due to the hard work of the Eco-Champions, the school has achieved the ECO SCHOOLS GREEN FLAG AWARD which means we are officially an Eco School! The Eco-Champions have also achieved the highest Platinum Green Tree Schools Award by the Woodland Trust for getting involved in green activities such as reducing carbon emissions, learning about their school environment and recycling.

Emedding geography for positive empowerment Emedding geography for positive empowerment

Well done to the Eco-champions for inspiring the whole school community together to achieve these awards. The entire school community is proud of their achievements.