Enrichment and extra-curricular activities

Sports and Extra Curricular Enrichment Offer 

£3 per session covers each club. This charge is already discounted as Governors have used a proportion the Dfe sports premium funding with the intention of increasing everyone’s access to extracurricular sports and other activities. Children are consulted and continue to give ideas as to the clubs they would like to seen in the programme. Over 300 children are now taking part in our sports and extracurricular enrichment programme.

Charges for school activities

No charge is made for any aspects of education in school hours such as the provision of books, materials and other equipment connected with the National Curriculum. We ask for voluntary contributions for activities during school time such as offsite visits or visiting drama or activity groups. As visits are such a fundamental part of our curriculum and school life, financial support is always available for the special Year 6 School Journey to France and for a limited number of activities throughout the year.