Enterprise Education with Enabling Enterpriseā„¢

We have an active partnership with Enabling Enterprise, to ensure we equip our pupils with the skills, aspirations and experiences they need to succeed in life.  Each year group from Years 3 to 6 undertakes a half term enterprise project.

The enterprise education programmes give a real life context to skills development in history, mathematics, geography, citizenship and English.  For example children in Year 3 have to design and cost a campaign to turn “Trash into Treasure” and Year 4 cost and pitch a chocolate bar product in a “Dragon’s Den” situation.  As well as developing skills that are subject-specific they are developing life skills like working in teams, putting plans into practice, giving presentations, and communicating effectively.  Additionally children visit architect practices, legal firms, and NGOs to fact find and bring back ideas which develop their constructs of enterprise and the world of work.