Our curriculum

Vision Statement

At Kingsbury Green we will create the opportunities for all children, parents and staff to expect excellence as standard. The learning climate and environment will offer and develop in children and staff, empathy, intellectual and physical agility and the pleasure of hard work and a job well done. 

Our Intent:

  • Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-regulation
  • Well-being

Within each unit, planned learning tasks will ensure that children are developing mastery of knowledge, concepts and skills. Opportunities to revise and practice are paramount to secure the key knowledge and understanding that children require to be successful in their learning. 

Learner characteristics, values, attributes and skills will be developed through project work which will provide opportunities for Meta-thinking, Linking, Analysing, Creating, Realising.

Children will work collaboratively towards a commission/ outcome to give real purpose for their learning. Through this process they will develop skills in English Language, Oracy, integrated technology and self-regulation.

Our Implementation Model:

Our Implementation Model

Teachers use on-going formative assessment to reshape lessons. Retrieval practice is tests and interleaves key knowledge that children have acquired. This knowledge is then built upon in the subsequent lessons.

Summative assessment:
Knowledge assessments are completed at the end of a unit of learning. These contribute the teacher assessment judgement at the end of each year. Assessment of deeper learning and the skills within a curriculum discipline are assessed through enquiry and application of the learned knowledge. 

Assessing children’s learning
Teachers plan learning on a weekly, half-termly and annual basis. Please see the long term planning document for more information and an overview for each year group across the year. Weekly and half-termly planning is always adapted and designed based on what children already know, any gaps in their knowledge and with the end of year programmes of study in mind. If you open the tabs below, you can see the key objectives that teachers use to assess progress.

The PDF’s below give information on the National Curriculum and assessment objectives which we follow year by year.