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Reception children learn musicianship skills through Write Dance™, weekly singing sessions and through the broad curriculum on offer in the EYFS.   From Years 1- 6 children work with a specialist music teacher to develop knowledge and understanding of musical forms, genres and of key musical processes such as pitch, rhythm and pulse, tempo and dynamics.  

Many children also take additional instrumental tuition on Keyboard, Violin and Trumpet.   We have a choir and music clubs during and after school. 

We are proud of our Gold Sing- Up award in recognition of the quality and range of singing opportunities in the school.  

Our School Choir has been working very hard this year and we achieved a Gold award at the Brent Primary Choir of the Year 2019.   


Children from Years 3 to 6 are taught French weekly by a specialist languages teacher. The children learn French mostly through oral work, song, and fun interactive games that they play in pairs and small groups. Some written work is produced to consolidate their learning. Children learn the common everyday language and key vocabulary used in France e.g. numbers, greetings and emotion words.

Personal, Social & Health Education

We teach PSHE implicitly through addressing the values and big questions under-pinning the half termly foundation curriculum for Years 1-6

Personal safety including bullying awareness, safety on the street, learning about the dangers of drugs and anti socila behaviour including being safe online are taught discreetly.

Our ethos of empathy, agility and hard work underpins and gives a common language for moral and social reflection which in turn promotes good citizenship and relationships within the school.

Sex and Relationship Education

We aim to prepare children to grow up as responsible and well informed adults. Our programme of personal, social and health education (PSHE) includes sex and relationship education. We take much care to match the teaching to the age and maturity of pupils.

We teach older children about human reproduction during science lessons and about the emotional side of growing up through the PHSE curriculum. We invite parents to discuss these lessons and view any teaching plans or resources at the relevant points in the year. Although you have the right to withdraw your child from the curriculum covering relationships we ask you first to speak to the Headteacher about your intentions.

PE and Swimming

Children from Years 1-6 take part in two hours of PE every week. The curriculum covers gymnastics, dance and indoor and outdoor games. Taught by specialists or their own class teachers, children make full use of the grounds and resources to engage and bring out sporting excellence. In Year 4 children will be taught to swim weekly at Vale Farm Swimming pool by qualified instructors.

We have a Sports Day annually with competitive and non-competitive games. We run different sports based clubs termly, e.g. gymnastics, football, dance, roller skating, netball, football and martial arts, which are open to all children. We also have teams who compete in inter-school competitive sports events.

The Foundation Subjects – Learning across the curriculum

We teach the subjects of Art, Design Technology, History and Geography through Cross Curricular Themes. Children learn the knowledge and skills linked to each subject e.g. in a history topic the children are taught about the use of sources and the chronological skills needed to understand time-lines.  We use knowledge organisers to give all children key subject knowledge which we expect them to learn through home learning and class based activities.

The children take part in out of school visits to places of interest linked to their topic e.g. Year 3 studying children’s lives in Victorian Britain will visit the Ragged School Museum in Bethnal Green. We also book visitors to come into school to share their expertise and give the children a fun, real and memorable learning experience e.g. Building a Viking longboat, or an Iron Age round house.

Enterprise Education with Enabling Enterprise™

We have an active partnership with Enabling Enterprise, to ensure we equip our pupils with the skills, aspirations and experiences they need to succeed in life. Each year group from Years 3 to 6 undertakes a half term enterprise project.

The enterprise education programmes give a real life context to skills development in history, mathematics, geography, citizenship and English. For example children in Year 3 have to design and cost a campaign to turn “Trash into Treasure” and Year 4 cost and pitch a chocolate bar product in a “Dragon’s Den” situation. As well as developing skills that are subject-specific they are developing life skills like working in teams, putting plans into practice, giving presentations, and communicating effectively. Additionally children visit architect practices, legal firms, and NGOs to fact find and bring back ideas which develop their constructs of enterprise and the world of work.