School Council

Our school council exists to enable pupils to take an active and collaborative role in decision making across many aspects of school organisation and leadership. Through the council children enact their democratic role and learn more about the role of democracy in British Values and social, moral and cultural development. The school council lead assemblies and specific campaigns, write reports for the governors and meet them 3 times a year.

2 children from each class from Y2-6 meet every 3 weeks to discuss their agreed agenda and discuss and make decisions.

“We have an important role in school because we are the voice of all the other children. We are proud to represent our classmates who voted for us.
We have meetings with our teacher, who supports us and guides us, but we are the ones who make the main decisions. We lead assemblies and always make sure we listen to all our peers in class and in the playground. We consider all their ideas and then we decide which is best for our school.
So far, we have led projects to:

We have faced some obstacles along the way but we have always found a solution.

We are proud of our accomplishments throughout the years. It shows what we can achieve if we pull together and work hard.”

Ria, Courtney and Shir.