Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure uninterrupted progress and to enable children to extend their potential. The attendance pattern for all children is monitored weekly with the school seeking to work actively with parents to ensure a regular pattern is maintained.

Non-attendance is an important issue that is treated very seriously. However each case is different and the school acknowledges that no one standard response will be appropriate in every case. Consideration is given to all factors affecting attendance before deciding what intervention strategies to apply.

In every case, early intervention is essential to prevent the problem from worsening. It is essential that parents keep the school fully informed of any matters that may affect their child’s attendance

Your agreement with us stated you will call us if your child is unable to attend school. We provide "First day calling" where there is an unexplained absence. If no reason for absence has been given, you will be contacted promptly by the Deputy Headteacher and it may be followed up by the school’s Education Welfare Officer.

Holidays within the school term are not permitted. Exceptional, rare and unavoidable circumstances may be authorised by the school following our attendance policy and where existing attendance is at or above the national average. All leave requests must be must be made in writing to be issued.