Computing and IT

“…a high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.”  [Source: NC programmes of Study]

At KGPS our intention for computing is that the school curriculum intentions of fluency, reasoning, problem solving and self-regulation be enacted

We intend for children to be able to use computing to solve problems and make things for others through an applied understanding of the 3 main strands

  • Computer Science Strand: writing programs/ creating digital artefacts (e.g apps)/ creating a website
  • Digital Literacy Strand: Part 1,The safe and responsible use of technology; Part 2, The use of digital tools (e.g spreadsheets, understanding coding)
  • Information Technology Strand: Part1, Digitisation and it’s Consequences; Part 2, How to use Technology


  • We follow the 3BM syllabus of learning across the whole school.
  • Children use the Computing suite for a lesson per week and use mini-IPad in classrooms to access the internet and applications at other times.
  • Staff are routinely trained through the year to teach and assess the curriculum.
  • Working with the consultant from 3 BM staff plan and implement ambitious aspects of the curriculum such as programming toys, writing apps and creating websites.

The impact of the 3 computing and IT strands is carried out in the following ways

  • Learning reviews
  • Outcome assessment / product design and evaluation
  • Pupil voice ( self-regulation / internet use/ e-safety)
  • Knowledge assessments