Getting involved: parent volunteers and ambassadors

We are delighted that parents have volunteered to act as parent ambassadors for their communities. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Ambassador please contact the school office.

Role of a parent ambassador:

• Parent volunteers to support the school

• They represent different language communities in our school (Romanian, Arabic, Gujarati, Somali)

• They receive volunteer training from the school i.e reading skills, basic safeguarding skills and a DBS check)

• They are introduced to all staff /they wear ID card-parent ambassador/their name and the picture is displayed on the notice board with a short description of their role in school

• Parents ambassadors are called by teachers/senior management for translation during consultation evenings, initial interviews, attendance and behaviour meetings, parents workshops

• They take part in PTA events and other school events. We are always grateful for the help given by parent volunteers in the classrooms.

Each September an invitation is issued to parents and grandparents who have some free time during the school day, to come along to help with reading and basic skills practice. If you have other helping skills – may be IT or arts, crafts or languages we are always eager to have your help. If you are a parent or grandparent and would like to volunteer – please contact the school office for more information.

Find our volunteering policy here: