Home School Agreement

At Kingsbury Green Primary School our values of Empathy – Agility and Hard work underpin all our communication and interactions with children, families and each other.  We believe openness and honesty lead to a successful and happy school and expect adults and children to speak to each other respectfully and calmly at all times.

Kingsbury Green Primary School will:

  • Develop a “growth mind-set” in pupils promoting resilience, perseverance, mental agility and an understanding of how they learn
  • Develop children’s empathy towards themselves and others
  • Have the highest expectations of every pupil for their achievement, personal development and behaviour.
  • Expect everyone to be proud of their achievements and be part of Kingsbury Green Primary School.
  • Deliver a broad, balanced programme of study which matches our vision, is stimulating and well taught.
  • Set and assess home learning to develop independent and knowledgeable learners
  • Inform pupils and their families regularly about progress, achievement and aspirational targets.
  • Provide counselling, mentoring and pastoral support for learning.
  • Expect all pupils to have attendance of 96% +, to be at school on time and in full school uniform
  • Follow up all pupil absence and lateness rigorously. We will not permit holidays in term time.
  • Keep in regular contact with families and be accessible if there are any problems.
  • Keep all the children safe by robustly following the school’s Safeguarding and Motivation and Behaviour policies and a structured approach to Relationships Education.
  • Keep children safe by robust proceedures on social distancing between bubbles and extra attention to hygiene practices as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Strive to develop effective ways to support children’s learning and wellbeing during periods of school closure and disruption.
  • Offer a wide range of learning opportunities to children and their families in a friendly, local school community.
  • Promote good health through Healthy Eating and Living policy


As a Kingsbury Green Primary School pupil I will:

  • Talk about my learning, where I am, where I am going and how I will get there
  • Show resilience and perseverance in all my learning and understand that mistakes are part of learning
  • Have the highest expectations of myself in my relationships with my friends and the adults around me
  • Take pride in my achievements, act on advice and feedback from teachers, and complete all class work and home learning on time.
  • Take on leadership roles in the school as they arise
  • Arrive at school on time every day ready to learn, in full school uniform with a reading book, and correct PE kit or home learning as necessary.
  • Read daily at home for at least 20 minutes.
  • Do my daily home learning to a high standard
  • Behave impeccably, with consideration to others and in line with the school rules: READY, RESPECTFUL & SAFE as set out in the Motivation and Behaviour Policy.
  • Show empathy towards others, recognise and take responsibility for my actions.
  • Be kind and considerate. Before you communicate
    T – is it true?
    H – is it helpful?
    I – is it inspiring?
    N – is it necessary?
    K – is it kind?
  • Take pride in Kingsbury Green Primary School, look after school property and help to keep the school free of litter, graffiti and damage.
  • Leave any item of value at home and observe the rules about mobile phones.
  • Observe all rules about social distancing and hygiene rules.
  • Take a full and active part in school life, including clubs.
  • Follow the school Healthy Eating Policy.

As Kingsbury Green Primary School parents we will:

  • Encourage our child to see mistakes as part of learning, to be resilient to failure and agile enough to have another go. Support our values and ethos of Empathy, Agility and Hard work.
  • Send our child/children to school on time in full school uniform with a reading book, correct PE kit and home learning as necessary. Collect children promptly at the end of the day
  • ENSURE our child reads at home for at least 20 minutes daily, listening to them and signing the home diary
  • Ensure our child does their daily home learning independently
  • Let the school know about any problems which might affect our child/children’s work, learning or behaviour, speaking directly to school staff first and never other children or families about issues.
  • Understand that all children in Y3, Y4 or Y5 will have swimming lessons regardless of faith or gender.
  • Understand that relationships education is a statutory expectation and will be taught in an age appropriate way.
  • Report your child’s absence immediately via the school website or telephone. (020 8204 6423).
  • Not take our child out of school during term time and supporting them to achieve 96% + attendance.
  • Ensure a responsible person aged 16yrs + remains with our child from Nursery to Year 4 until school starts in the morning, and collects them from the playground after school.
  • Take a full and active part in school life and encourage our child to do the same. This includes reading all school communication and visting our website for information.
  • Support the school Healthy Eating Policy.
  • Abide by the schools expectation on photographs and filming (see overleaf)
  • Abide by the school rules on social distancing – one way system for drop off and collection, maintaining social distancing, leave school site promptly.

All school policies are available on the school website: http://www.kingsburygreenprimaryschool.org.uk/policies