Learning at Home


The Journey of the KGPS Toilet Roll!

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Message from Ms Shah

Welcome to a new area of our school website which is dedicated to providing information for parents and children and assist with distant learning.

There is page for each week with suggested timetables and learning by Year Group

We recommend between 2-3 hours of structured learning each day. This obviously includes Reading!

Please email us photographs of your children learning at home, we would love to upload them on our website!  They will be posted here.


Supporting Your Family’s Well-being:

Here are some thoughts…

  • You are in charge. You know your child and your situation the best. You can decide how your child will engage with the resources provided and any additional or different activities. It is your choice. There is nothing to feel guilty about.
  • We are not setting up schools at home. This is distance learning at very short notice! We are all just trying our best to support one another to achieve this.
  • You cannot be expected to help with distance learning and to work from home at the same time. If you are trying that, then you deserve a medal! Just do your best in your situation and try and strike a balance.
  • We aim to recommend some good resources which sit within our weekly timetables. These will be updated weekly. Each week, teachers will also prepare writing tasks related to the learning that children have been doing in school. Children could use their home learning books for this. You will see hundreds and thousands of websites on social media. Our advice is to stick to those recommended by school. Not everything out there is helpful!
  •  In school, children do not work intensively for 7 hours. They have different types of lessons, break times, group discussions, opportunities to play, and opportunities to read. Make sure your child has the chance to play with Lego, to read books, to bake a cake, to dig up some dirt, to take exercise, or anything else that you think is OK – this is all learning!
  • Try and do some activities together – social interaction whilst social distancing is important.