Mathematics is one of the core subjects and is taught explicitly every day from Reception to Year 6.

Mathematics is a key skill which children will use all their lives. Here at Kingsbury Green Primary School we aim to deliver a high-quality Mathematics curriculum that provides a foundation for understanding the world, an appreciation of the beauty and power of Mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment about the subject. We place great emphasis on deepening conceptual understanding and mastery of number, application of skills, problem-solving and practical tasks coupled with learning and memorising key number facts such as multiplication and division tables as soon as possible. Mathematical concepts are further enhanced by using and applying these skills across other areas of the curriculum.

Our Vision for Mathematics 

  • Every child fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Every child a problem-solver
  • Every child a lover of Mathematics.

The Aims of our Mathematics Curriculum this year will be that:

  • All our children acquire a deep and secure conceptual understanding of Number as the firm foundation for developing fluency.
  • All our children develop a range of mental calculation strategies and by the end of LKS2 they are secure with using a written method for all four rules of Number. They make reasonable and informed decisions when choosing the most efficient strategy/method when calculating.
  • All our children can apply their knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts.
  • All our children develop a problem-solving approach; building skills of resilience and perseverance and making links with the wider world.
  • All our children can reason and draw upon a repertoire of mathematical vocabulary to support their arguments.
  • All our children have equal access to rich mathematical learning experiences regardless of race, culture, gender, special educational needs or disability.
  • All our children are stretched and challenged.
  • All our children are passionate about Mathematics.

How we teach Mathematics at Kingsbury Green Primary School:


Mathematical development in the Early Years Foundation Stage provides children with learning opportunities in two specific areas: Number; practising and improving their skills in counting numbers to twenty, adding and subtracting single digit numbers and Shape, Space and Measures; recognising, creating patterns and comparing size and quantities to solve problems.  Our children enjoy daily, discrete, whole class Mathematics lessons and these are supported by linked independent and guided group activities.  There is a strong emphasis on mathematical concepts being given a real life context and a practical application using concrete tools. Children enjoy learning through song and role-play.


In Years 1 and 2, children’s mathematical learning is based on a concrete, pictorial then abstract method.   At the same time as following the National Curriculum Mathematics Programmes of Study, great emphasis is placed on practising and securing number facts to achieve mastery and form firm foundations on which to build fluency. Mathematical topics are slimmed down to allow for greater time and depth of learning. Children are encouraged to deepen conceptual understanding and apply problem-solving using concrete tools and pictorial approaches before the use of abstract models. Our children are also encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills and acquire a rich diet of mathematical vocabulary with which to support reasoning. Alongside their daily Mathematics learning, our children also participate in additional whole class Maths Meetings. These provide opportunities for key mathematical concepts to be pre-taught and reinforced.


In Years 3 to 6 children follow the National Curriculum Mathematics Programmes of Study. These are set out in six domains:

  • Number – including Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and Fractions including Decimals (Year 4, 5 & 6) and Percentages (Year 5 & 6).
  • Measurement.
  • Ratio and Proportion (Year 6 only).
  • Algebra (Year 6 only).
  • Geometry – Properties of Shapes and Position and Direction.
  • Statistics.

As in KS1, our children enjoy daily, discrete mathematics lessons. Programmes of Study are each given a week long focus and this enables topics to be covered in depth and allow opportunities for children to build upon and apply their skills and understanding. Children are encouraged to communicate their findings clearly for an audience. Each lesson begins with regular counting, and warm-up activities are used to develop mental fluency in Number. Mental arithmetic is assessed towards the end of every week. Children are also expected to learn their multiplication and corresponding division facts to 12×12 and are tested on a weekly basis. Problem-solving is actively promoted within each lesson for key groups of learners and towards the end of every week the whole class participates in mathematical investigations. In addition to discrete lessons, our children also engage in additional mathematical learning opportunities across the curriculum, e.g. in Science when collecting data.

Whole School Mathematical Events

Our children enjoy participating in whole school and year group learning experiences that promote learning about mathematics within the wider world. Previous events that children have found highly engaging have included Maths in Stories and Art, Enterprise projects and Numbers Day linked to fundraising. This has also highlighted their role as global citizens. Children from  upper KS2 have also enjoyed huge success over the years representing our school at mathematical challenges within the borough and across London.

Click on the links below for video demonstrations of our calculation policy:


Multiplication Times Table Check (MTC) – Information for Parents/Carers