Spring 1

Successful learners

This half term the focus will be on what it means to be an effective and successful learner. There will be a different focus each week which will help the children gradually build a picture of what a successful learner looks like and teach them how to be one. Children will learn that a successful learner is not about who is the cleverest, quickest or best at completing a task, but instead be about attitude, how you approach your learning and the progress you make. The children will learn a range of strategies that they can add to their ‘metacognition toolkit’, such as the importance of challenge, how to overcome barriers to learning and how to use feedback to improve.

Year 6 children looked at nine characteristics of a successful learner. They had to identify which of these they possess and which they don’t, therefore identifying their barriers to learning. Children had to organise the most important item at the top and in order of importance.