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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Ms Shah

School Business Manager - Ms Beason 

Deputy Head Teacher YR 1, 2 and 3 – Ms McDermott

Assistant Headteacher EYFS – Ms Bathija

Assistant Headteacher YR 4, 5 and 6 – Ms Obiago and Ms Vora (Mat leave from Oct 2023)


Ms Wlosek


Ms Brosnan

Early Years Practitioners:

Ms Ali and Ms Moran


Sunshine – Ms McCarthy

Rainbow –Ms Munroe

Star – Ms Khan

Early Years Practitioners:

Ms Salah 

Ms Ali and Ms Moran

Ms Mehmet

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Ahmed

Year 1

1M – Ms Mohamed

1AP – Ms Ahmed and Ms Patel

1AU – Ms Aderogba and Ms Umarajan

Early Years Practitioner:

Ms Munro-Card

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Nwogbe

Year 2

2D- Ms Duncan

2S- Mr Spain

2G – Ms Shaw

Early Years Practitioner:

Ms Munro-Card

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Bolger

Ms Mihailov

Ms Claudia

Year 3

3S -  Ms Din

3D - Ms Didushko

3J – Mr Johns

Teaching Assistant:

Ms James

Year 4

4C- Ms Chesney

4T – Mr Tournay

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Shah

Year 5

5L – Ms Lewis

5W – Mr Webster

Year 6

6K – Ms Kakkad

6B – Ms Bhatia

6OB – Ms Bahri

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Shahid

Total communications base

Teachers of the Deaf:

 Ms Chorekdjian- Jojaghaian

Ms Patel

Ms Frost

Deaf Instructors

Ms Young

Ms Loughran

Ms Sakaria

Ms Akied

Ms Wahad 

Ms Malik

 Ms Sharif

Extended school

Breakfast club:

Ms James

Ms Maria

Ms Varsha

After school club:

Ms Thekla

Ms Mayuri

Ms Varsha

Lunchtime assistants:

Ms Seale

Ms Mayuri

Ms Barrett

Ms Susan

Ms Maria

Ms Geraldine

Ms Annett 

Ms Hirani

Ms Shamim

Ms Marques

Ms Thekla

Ms Varsha

Administrative staff

Ms Barros

Ms Valji 

Ms Kerai  

Ms Beason

High Level Teaching assistants

Ms Modi

Ms Sikotra

Ms Bhagani

Specialist Teachers

Music - Mr Williams

Art – Ms Windsor- Richards

Physical Education – Ms Kantor and Mr Bray

Welfare and well-being

Senior Pastoral Officer – Ms Eileen

Pupil Counsellor- Ms Lotte – (Thursday’s only)

Welfare and Attendance Officer- Ms Connell

Deputy Welfare and Attendance Officer- Ms Burris

School librarian

Ms Windmill

Site officers

Senior Site Officer – Mr John Card

Assistant Site Supervisor - Mr Michael Sugrue

Assistant Site Supervisor - Mr Mohammad Ali