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Total Communication Base

Come and be a part of our warm and inclusive community, where children of all abilities thrive.

At Kingsbury Green Primary School, we are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for every child, including those with hearing difficulties. We believe that with the right support and a nurturing environment, every child can reach their full potential.

The Total Communications Base (TCB) at Kingsbury Green Primary School gives children with a hearing impairment an excellent opportunity to develop, learn and succeed through a supportive and inclusive ethos. The provision includes tailored support from highly-trained specialist teachers and effective communication strategies so that the transition in mainstream classes is smooth and accessible.

The school’s values of ‘Ambition, Character and Empathy’ are embodied in the provision offered to children with hearing impairment. Pupils are empowered to set ambitious goals, fostering a spirit of determination and confidence to reach their potential. Children are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves since as a school, we believe in not only nurturing academic excellence but also the development of strong character traits. Children are taught to embrace empathy as a way of life, ensuring that are compassionate and understanding individuals who respect and support each other.

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