Senior Leadership Team:

Ms Reena Shah

Ms Reena Shah

  • Head Teacher
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Whole School effectiveness
Ms Joanne McDermott

Ms Joanne McDermott

  • Deputy Headteacher
  • Curriculum, Standards & Assessment Leader
  • Lead for Years 5 & 6
Ms Kareena Bathjia

Ms Kareena Bathjia

  • Assistant Head teacher for EYFS & KS1
  • Early Literacy Lead
Ms Bindu Sillars

Ms Bindu Sillars

  • School Business Manager
  • Whole School Strategic Finance Lead
Ms Hinal Vora

Ms Hinal Vora

  • Assistant Headteacher for Years 3 & 4
  • English Leader
Class Teacher HLTA/EYP TA/Welfare TA
Nursery Ms C Poole
Ms A Preda

Rainbow Ms R Munroe
Ms H Ahmed
Ms S Sawyers
Ms N Joshi
Ms N Shahid
Sunshine Ms N McCarthy
Ms A Moran (Mon- Wed)
Ms H Sear (Thur-Fri)
Ms H Ahmed
Ms S Sawyers
Ms N Joshi
Ms N Shahid
Stars Ms S Khan
Ms I Mehmet
Ms H Ahmed
Ms S Sawyers
Ms N Joshi
Ms N Shahid
1AP Ms A Ahmed (Mon- Wed)
Ms J Patel (Thur- Fri)
Ms D Munro-Card
Ms W Stec
1K Ms M Khalique
Ms C Benjamin (Mon-Wed,Fri)
Ms Mcintosh
2D Ms A Duncan
Ms C Edwards
Ms J Banjo
1A Ms M Aderogba
Ms D Munroe-Card
2YD Ms Y Didushko
Ms C Edwards

3S Ms G Shaw
Ms S Sikotra
3M Ms H Majothi
Ms S Sikotra
3A Ms D Adams
Ms S Sikotra
4T Ms J Tooth
Ms I Noel
Ms T Chambi
4B Ms E Brommage
Ms I Noel
4J Ms S Johnson
Ms I Noel

5H Mr J Harris
Ms H Bhagani
5C Ms J Chesney
Ms H Bhagani
Ms M Nwgobe
5B Ms B Bhatia
Ms H Bhagani
6A Ms Anderson
Ms D Bengougam
Ms J Smith Bolger
6J Mr D Johns
Ms D Bengougam
Ms R Shah
6K Ms B Kakkad
Ms D Bengougam
Ms B James
Ms B Douglas
TCB Ms L Chorekdjian - TCB Lead Teacher
Ms P Umarajan
Ms S Patel
Ms J Frost
Ms Y Young
Ms R Sakaria
Ms A Loughran
MS A Teja
Ms S Scantlebury
Ms H Wahad
Mon - Fri
Senior Site Manager Assistant Site Officer
Ms Millet Ms Wlosek Mr J Card Mr M Sugrue

Specialist teachers & Support:

Music Art Teacher PE & Enrichment EAL new arrivals Librarian stock
Mr M Williams Ms S Windsor-Richards (Mon-Thurs) Ms J Kantorova (1/2 Monday PM) (Ms J Sumabat – PE Apprentice) Ms A Peeris Ms K Windmill

Welfare and well-being:

Pastoral Health and Welfare
Ms E Dunne – Senior Pastrol Officer
Mr C Illie – Pastoral Officer
Ms Lotte Bredt – Pupil Counsellor (Thurs only)
Ms M Connell – Attendance and Welfare Officer
Ms M Pindolia – Welfare room support and assistant

Extended Schools:

Breakfast club After school club
Ms B James, Ms M Magdaraog, Ms V Chudasama Ms T Chambi, Ms M Pindolia, Ms V Chudasama
Lunchtime assistants
Ms E Chisholm
Ms G Cunningham
Ms J Barrett
Ms A Butt
Ms M Magdaraog
Ms M Pindolia
Ms S Taylor
Ms D Hirani
Ms S Zaman

Administrative staff:

School Business Manager Finance officer Pupil Data, Admission and Attendance Officer Communications officer Receptionist & Admin Officer
Ms B Sillars Ms A Panesar Ms H Valji Ms N Hirani Ms S Kerai