The School Day

Travelling to school

Our school is situated on good bus routes and is in walking distance from Kingsbury underground. There is very little street parking and no car parking on school premises for families. Our school supports Brent’s Green Transport Strategy which aims to reduce traffic on the school run, to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce pollution. It is important that new parents understand and are aware that there is no facility for parking at or often near to school. There are cycle and scooter racks available on site for parents, children and staff.

Attendance and Punctuality

Gates open at 8.40am. The playground is supervised by support staff from 8.40am. School starts promptly at 8.55am after a bell is rung. Punctuality is important for everyone at school and we encourage children to be “in the line at 8.55am” Repeated late arrival is monitored and referred to the educational welfare officer if necessary.


From 10.25am to 10.45am each morning KS1 and KS2 has a break each morning. This is supervised by support staff and our trained Year 6 sports leaders and peer mediators. The Y6 pupils lead a varied range of taught and coached games and activities making use of our extensive outdoor area.

Lunch time

Early years and KS1 children’s lunch time is from 11:45 to 12:45. KS2 children’s lunch time is from 12:10 to 13:10.

Collection of children

The school gates re-open at 3.00pm for a 3.15pm pick up (3.30pm nursery). Children are either dismissed from their classes or the playgrounds. Children are only dismissed to known / named adults on our “permission to pick up” register.

Children are NEVER allowed to go home with older children under the age of 16yrs. Year 6 pupils may “qualify” for travelling to school alone after successfully passing a street safety test. Mobile phones are permitted for these pupils who take responsibility for storing and collecting them in the school office daily. The school accepts no liability for phone loss or damage.

Please inform the school if you are going to be late collecting your child to avoid any concerns or if someone new is picking up. If we are unable to contact carers of children left late we will need to contact Social Services.